Onwards and upwards ...

A very sharp, cool breeze

Wednesday, 20 October 2010



Akula and Ashley head up Long Hill in the half-light of dawn


"Since in order to speak, one must first listen, learn to speak by listening."

- Rumi



Kinsya (Abby) and Astrodiva (Nikki)

A very sharp, cool breeze this morning but with very few clouds in the sky. Once the sun got up over the horizon by second lot, it had started to warm up a bit but it needed to and my waterproof trousers have made their first outing of the autumn. Cantering on the grass on Long Hill was the exercise again this morning and we have still got a few backward two year olds that are getting themselves ready for their first outing.


Mystery Star (Maria) and Astrodonna (Dan)

Yesterday's runners were a mixed bunch with both Watch Chain and Forgotten Army staying on a bit at the end but not troubling the judge. I think, once Watch Chain gets back in a handicap, he will win again and Forgotten Army looks like he will stay further. At Yarmouth, we were delighted with Cotton Grass who ran with promise. It was great to see Edward Whymper win, as we have been plagued all year with muscle problems but he seems to be well over those now. Miss Wendy ran with credit and is sure to pick up another of this type of race, as she is very genuine. Izzet moved well for a long way but once let down on the very soft ground, he showed he is still on the weak side and will be put away until next year. 


Munro's Dragon (Holly) and Colzium (Wajid)


Astrovenus (Abbi) and Zenarinda (Maria)