Velvet Vista runs at 5.45 followed by Astrojewel in the 8.45 ...

We used the Cambridge Road Polytrack this morning

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

"The man who has done his best has done everything."

Charles M. Schwab.

Ness of Brodgar and Astrobreeze on the Cambridge Road Polytrack

It’s not quite as cold this morning as we were led to believe from last night’s weather forecast, but I am sure the cold weather is on its way. It is bright, clear with no wind and we have been getting on reasonably well. With jockey Joey Haynes in, the Cambridge Road polytrack has been the galloping ground for the first two lots of the day. We have worked several horses over seven furlongs and all has gone well. There were very few people about as well, so I am not sure where everybody is, warmer climes no doubt. We had a full complement of staff for one lot, but the second lot was one thinner permanently.

Velvet Vision and Astroblaze upsides

It has been a good autumn so far to keep on top of field work and Ryan, the maintenance man, has done a sterling job keeping the paddocks looking as well as they are. It is always very weather dependant and this year has been a good year so far. Mind you, when you are running businesses, as anybody knows you always get something happen and we have already had a water leak in the house, which requires emergency plumbing, power cuts in the yard, which shuts down everything, computers, phones, etc. and requires Inspector Clouseau to find which electric socket is the culprit, Colombo, alias MHT, came up with the answer, assisted by Harry the yardman. “It’s this one Guvnor” and he was right. “Don’t turn it on then” was my reply, but I give it a short time before somebody who has not been in on the investigation switches it back on. You couldn’t make it all up. On top of that we are getting a load of hay as well.

Farne Odyssey in the lunge pit with Tim

It just goes to show how out of touch the BHA race planning people are when their newly promoted Northern Lights series had to have four of its five finals reopened. They had been told by certain trainers that it wouldn’t work, but as usual they carried on with their head in the sand. They have now made some adjustments to the qualifying criteria for next year, so at least something may have sunk in, but really, the people at race planning at the BHA, and I have said this for years and years and years, have no idea of what trainers and owners want, or require and they don’t really seem to care anyway. They get paid and have pensions out of money produced by the industry, but don’t produce anything themselves.