Onwards and upwards ...

We have one runner today at Southwell

Thursday, 01 February 2018

"We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive."

Albert Einstein.

Legged up and ready to go

Pulling out

It’s a bright, cold morning with a slight breeze. The forecast is for it to get much colder with the wind coming from the north and showers of rain and sleet. There was a great full moon last night although we didn’t get to see the colour here in England. I think Africa and America had the benefit of a red tinge. It was fascinating yesterday when listening to the radio where an astrologer was explaining the reasons for the moon situation. The presenter was saying that 150 years ago today when this last eclipse happened, W G Grace, the famous cricketer, was only 18 but scored 200 runs that day. He was looking at the moon and it was exactly the same as last night. Life changes on earth, but not in the universe. It’s a bit like racing, I don’t think the prize money has changed for 150 years!

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The yardmen all working hard

We have one runner today at Southwell where Astrofire makes her debut in a handicap at 2.40. She handled this surface last time, we are dropping her slightly back in trip and we will learn a lot more about her today. I am hoping she can be competitive.

The full moon over Newmarket last night

There is an interesting article today in the Racing Post on the big race in America that has just been run. The $16 million world’s richest race, the Pegasus, was giving an allowance for horses if they didn’t run on Lasix. This was 7lbs, but not one of the runners took it up. Now what does that say for American racing? It says everything. If you want to win, take drugs. The world authorities need to sort this out so it is a level playing field one way or another. We have got a BHA who are obsessed with thinking all professionals are bent and their drug testing rules are completely in a mess at present. It needs some clear thinking and some clear action so everybody knows where they stand.