Onwards and upwards ...

A disappointing night

Tuesday, 06 February 2018

"A palace of doubt is senseless,

the chambers have no light."

Terri Guillements.

Saint Anthony and Melo Pearl

It’s a cold morning once again, with a few snow flurries in the very light breeze we have. It is forecast to get colder tomorrow then milder Thursday and Friday before colder weather sweeping in again for the weekend. It is just typical February weather. We have two non-runners in the yard and one non-runner from the riding brigade which means business as usual at Frankland Lodge, or for that matter any business in Britain. The horses though have had a good clean, dry exercise and everything has gone smoothly.

Velvet Vision leading Four Fifty Three

It was a disappointing night at Wolverhampton due to major jockey error on both horses. It drives me completely barmy as once we have legged these well paid jockeys up, it is completely out of our control. The instructions are clear, the horses are fit and well and then they go a crawl. In the slowest time of the night, Indian Red had no hope whatsoever, so for any of you putting money on, I apologise, but it certainly wasn’t my fault. Ness Of Brodgar, well the least said about that the better, but she will now be handicapped and is a filly that will definitely win races and be above average.


There is a great letter today in the Racing Post about media rights and I agree wholeheartedly with the writer. He talks about being bemused with all the parts of the industry and how nothing is joined up. He wants everything to be much more streamlined and give the contracts of all the pictures to just one company. At the moment there seems to be more company’s making money out of something they do not own. I cannot agree with him more. It has always amazed me, and confused me, who actually owns the picture rights. It is the owners who supply the horses, who are the actors to the racecourses, but it is the racecourses, I think, which get the major share of the media rights, with pathetic prize money to keep the peasants in order. I can see where the Irish boys are coming from now as there are going to be so many meetings on one TV channel that nobody will keep up and there will be no time for any pre-race reviews or after race analysis. It will be constant action. There just doesn’t seem to be anybody with the brains to sort it all out. 

The string walking home

I will just throw this into the mix as well. There are headlines on the front of the Post today about two horses that have just run in Ireland. They drifted badly in the betting and were obviously laid to lose on the betting exchanges, but no scrutiny was done on the day. I have always said, and still maintain, that when they started to allow people to bet on horses to lose races, it was the start of the slippery slope. The only winners in this scenario are the bookmakers and computer experts who have drawn up the programmes. It is the normal punter and all racing professionals who lose, as headlines like this cause nothing but damage to our sport. I do not want racing to become a laughing stock like athletics and cycling. Two sports which have lost all their credibility with doping scandals.