Onwards and upwards ...

We have one runner today at Lingfield

Monday, 26 February 2018

"Life is the art of drawing without an eraser."

John Gardner.

Cantering on Hamilton Hill

It’s much colder this morning with the wind coming from the East. If you listen to all the forecasters they will tell you it is a very unusual situation and doesn’t happen very often. The weather is coming direct from Siberia and if everything is to be believed, we will be getting a good covering of snow from today and throughout the week. As I write this looking out the window, it has started falling now. We are a bit short on the ground rider wise, but we are getting on well and everything is having a good canter on Hamilton Hill. We also have two non-runners in the yard and I think I am going to be making them permanent non-runners. We have people queuing up to be yardmen and if they can’t be bother to get out of bed that is up to them.


Our runner on Saturday ran with credit. Astrobreeze was drawn badly, had to drop in and finished on the heels of the main bunch, which was very pleasing. I think she will stay further as she gets stronger. There are certainly races to be won with her as she has the right attitude.

We have one runner today at Lingfield. TTMAB goes in the 4 o’clock, the mile and half handicap. This is an extra meeting that was put on because of the cold weather and the fear that most of the meetings on the turf would be abandoned. At the moment Plumpton goes ahead and Ayr has a further inspection. TTMAB makes his handicap debut today and should be competitive enough in this contest. Most of these have had a lot more experience and shown place form, but I think this trip will suit and if he gets in a good position in his outside stall, he can make the frame.

Isaac Murphy

You can understand the frustration of the trainer whose horse was in the stall that didn’t open correctly at Wolverhampton at the weekend. There had obviously been a problem with the stalls as they had been testing them during the evening. It is so frustrating when this happens for everybody concerned and credit goes to the bookmakers who returned the stake for the horse in question. These stalls are not moved about like most of the others are and are permanently at Wolverhampton, so should work like clockwork. As usual nobody will take the blame and everybody will hide behind certain rules. If the trainer, or the horse had caused the problem they would have been fined or made to do a stalls test, but once again, in this instance, the course will get away with an “oh dear, it won’t happen again”.