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The weather is now so different

Monday, 05 March 2018

"The men who try to do something and fail are infinitely better than those who try to do nothing and succeed."

Lloyd Jones.

Velvet Vision leading on Hamilton Hill

It is amazing how quickly all the snow and ice has disappeared. We started the weekend white over and cold and now this morning we are green and warm. In fact the lads are riding out without their coats on. It is amazing this British weather. We are a bit short on the ground this morning rider wise with one on holiday, but the others are getting on really well and doing a great job. With the weather changing and it getting lighter in the morning, it certainly helps, but we could do with a couple of new riders as quickly as possible. I am sure they will turn up now that spring is not too far away.


We had no new foals over the weekend and both Angie and I are pretty tired as she was sitting up, and I was on red alert to help. We have several mares overdue at present and it looks like we will have another couple at least this week. We tested a couple of mares in foal this morning to Nathaniel and Garswood, so the whole circle is starting once again. The fields have taken a real battering what with all the wet we have had then the snow and we are now hoping for a dry period and some warmth so that we can get the spring grass coming and move all the stock into new paddocks. With the weather like it has been, it has been prudent to keep them where they are.

     18_True     19_Vision
True Calling and Velvet Vision

Making their way back to the yard

I was very sorry to hear at the weekend of the death of Lennie Peacock. She was a great character and a very good horse breeder. Her Middleham stud turned out many many winners, including her best, Tirol, who won the 2000 guineas. Her stock was always brought up to be tough and genuine and she had lots of winners by unfashionable sires. You always knew that if you bought a horse from her, it would be sound and genuine. Our condolences go to all her family.

I must comment on the other death over the weekend of Sir Roger Bannister, who was the last of the proper amateurs, very unlike the overpaid, over helped athletes of today. He broke the four minute mile record and won many medals for Great Britain, all as a proper amateur. He then went on to be an eminent doctor and was a great example to many people, a long way from the celebrity culture we have today. Hard work and genuine talent got him to where he was with not an agent or social media in sight.