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We want a dry spell

Wednesday, 07 March 2018

"In youth we learn; in age we understand."

Marie Ebner-Eschenbach.

Topapinion leading Ttmab

It's just started raining as we write this and unfortunately it looks set for most of the day. The temperature is quite mild and there is no wind. What we would give now though for a good long dry spell. The lads in the yard are doing a sterling job getting the horses out and cantered and everything is ticking over well. We are one down again here having a non runner. It just never ceases to surprise me .

Pageant Master

I see in the Racing Post today that 34 of our racetracks have been rated excellent for the racegoers' experience by independent assessors. I don't know what they rate the tracks on and I don't know who they ask, but at least I think the courses are trying to improve which can only be a good thing . There is so much more they can do though, especially for the stable staff and the owners who supply the product. One of my bugbears is that there are never enough seats anywhere, whether it be in the grandstand or elsewhere for the general public.

The peacock from across the road visiting the yard

Looking very regal

We have just been notified that there are two further cases of virus abortion, one evidently in Yorkshire and one down the road in Newmarket. This straight away shuts the affected stud down and all precautions are put in place to stop any further infection. What is worrying is that the mare in question in Newmarket was fully vaccinated and has been domiciled here. This situation can often happen when horses come from outside the UK and have not had the right course of vaccinations.