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Two new foals were born last night

Monday, 12 March 2018

"Idealism is what precedes experience; cynicism is what follows."

David T. Wolf.

On Hamilton Hill

We had another wet weekend and there are bands of rain forecast during the coming week. It’s much warmer though and there is little wind. All the horses are getting out and having a good exercise with everybody working well. We could still do with another rider or two but there are a couple in the pipeline. It would be great to have a settled team for a few months.

     12_Tim     07_Sparkle
Tim with Astrosparkle

Our runner at the weekend was disappointing and the less said about my thoughts on it the better. Needless to say there is always another day but good runners and winners is what everybody wants and with the turf season not far off, we could just do with a few good results. The horses all look pictures and are in good form. No problems heath wise so a slice of luck with good draws would certainly help. We will be having very few runners this week but Indian Red will run tomorrow at Newcastle. Paul Mulrennan rides. Don’t forget its Cheltenham this week with heavy ground forecast. I am not too sure how the clerk of the course is going to get good in the description but he will probably put heavy, soft patches could become good next week. I can’t wait.

     Trew_Class_18     Cushat_18
(L) Filly by Casamento ex Trew Class (R) Colt by Archipenko ex Cushat Law

We had two new foals last night, both within 20 minutes of each other so it was all hands to the deck in a frazzled hour or so. Both foaling’s went well and although one needs some careful observation for a day or so everything has gone like clockwork. Max and Malcolm Franklin, who don’t live too far away, got there in time to see their colt born. It is an amazing experience and nature is a most marvellous thing.