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Sunshine and a winner

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

"Fall seven times, stand up eight."

Japanese Proverb.


Ttmab leading ...


Clearance and ...         



It's a bright spring morning, quite cold though still, but I am delighted that it is dry and the sun is shining. Everybody is in and working well, as I hope they would be after last night's winner. I myself was in at half past four feeding as Tim had gone to Newcastle. It's been a good morning horsewise with cantering on the polytracks and apart from one loose one all has gone well. We have had a few visitors as well to see their horses canter, and they have gone away happy.


Velvet Vision when she was just born

Velvet Vision ran as we hoped last night in a slowly run race. She moved up smoothly and stayed on well, in fact she was only just getting into her stride at the finish. She is the fourth generation of her family that we have had in training going way back to Medway. Congratulations go to everybody at the stud who were as thrilled as the boys in the yard. This a special success for the Marriott family whose first home bred winner this is under their Sarabex banner. We are delighted for them and I don't think they will stop smiling for a week.

      roof_garden      Astrojewel

                              Roof Garden                                                           Astrojewel



The Newmarket Trainers' meeting went off very well yesterday with quite a few attendees. There was a lot of talk about the heath and praise for the heathmen who have done a tremendous job during the snow. There was much discussion about the rates, housing and the CE of the British Racing School brought us up to date on recruitment and future ideas for staff. There were several other points raised and all in all I was very pleased.