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The rain didn't stay away for long

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

"Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!"

Albert Einstein.

On Hamilton Hill

     18_Indian     24_Voice
(L) Indian Red and (R) Velvet Voice

It’s a wet old morning where the rain started just before five after I finished feeding. It wasn’t too bad at half four, but as the morning has gone on it is steady rain and looks like continuing for most of the day. Everybody is in which is a result and all working well considering the weather. Two good canters on the polytracks have been the exercise and no problems as yet.

Walking home in the rain

It is the all-weather series final on Friday and once again there has been a blunder. Horses qualify for this by either winning a straight qualifier or having run at least three times on the all-weather during the winter, but for some reason the apprentice race doesn’t seem to have these rules. It just seems crazy to me that they have a finals day with different rules for different races. Both Arc and the BHA seem to be on a different wavelength, but it is very disappointing for connections of horses that have been running all winter to miss out a chance of a big pot to horses that have not turned up once.

Jason Weaver, the Guv'nor and Chris Dwyer watching the horses

The powers that be are trying to bull up the staying race programme with bonuses for the top horses if they win a series of the best races. The race planners at the BHA say they are sorting out a better staying programme for the general horse population, but I don’t see much of that yet and as usual they have very little idea of what is required. There are a lot of horses at present, especially three-year-olds, that are crying out to run over a mile and a half plus, but there are very few races for them and if there is, they are either the wrong rating or at Newcastle! It doesn’t take too much brain power to sort this out and it would be very easy to do so, I just hope it can get sorted.