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A good morning schooling

Thursday, 29 March 2018

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve

 the world."

Anne Frank.


Arriving at the Links, the brilliant schooling grounds here at Newmarket


It has been a funny morning weather wise so far. It started off damp then suddenly cleared and we had a ground frost as the light came up. Now we have got some sunshine. I think it is more of the same over the whole holiday period. It always tickles me at these times of year as Bank Holidays mean absolutely nothing to people with animals as they are just normal days. All the horses have to be exercised and mucked out and you can’t just turn over and lie in bed like the majority will be doing. The staff all get days off in lieu for working the Bank Holidays, so nobody loses out. It has been a busy morning with the horses so far as I took a few to the Links to school. All went well apart from one that got a very sharp nick on his joint and needed some staples. It was lucky we had called the vet in as we had another horse that got a foot abscess. She was so relieved when we took the shoe off and released the pressure. A good poultice and she will be back to normal.


Gee Sixty Six (L) and Indian Red (R)

What a mess once again at Kempton with the wrong result being called on a photo finish. In fact it has been four or five days since the race and only now has the debacle come to light. Once again I am sure no heads will roll, unlike with poor Dave Smith who was the best judge you could ever have. He was pushed sideways because he called the result too quickly to suit the betting industry. It didn’t give the gamblers at home time to have a bet on the finish. It would be interesting to see if anything does happen with the BHA inquiry, but I am sure the old line “we will learn from it” will be in there somewhere. I know a dark wet empty Kempton is not the place that punters dream of, but if you had backed the winner but lost it because of an incompetent judge, you are entitled to be disappointed. We need our industry to be professional at all times and it stems from the top.


Clearance (L) and Topalova (R) inspect a hurdle before schooling below



We wish Pat Smullen well in his fight against a tumour which has suddenly been discovered after his visit to hospital. A top class jockey and professional person, I am sure everybody will wish him well for a quick and speedy return to the riding ranks. He will be a loss to the Irish and international scene this next season.


 The Guv'nor and Jack discussing the horses

It is another difficult day today as we are having to put down our long time teaser at the stud Charlie. He has been a stalwart and massive friend to everybody for as long as I can remember. He came to us via Rossdales and the Animal Health Trust and has been absolutely brilliant in helping us get the mares in foal. He has had one or two turns of late and as we think he is around 30 years of age, he deserves a proper end. Another very sad day.