Onwards and upwards ...

Enjoy the good times

Tuesday, 08 May 2018

"Example is the school of mankind, and they will learn at no other."

Edmund Burke.



Another glorious spring morning which after all the rain we have had is all the more appreciated. The horses are all getting good canters and I shall be pressing on with a few of them as the week goes on. The season will really start to kick into gear from now onwards and let's hope the horses stay healthy and sound which is what every racehorse trainer will tell you is their main aim.


Walking back to do a second canter

It's not good news for the followers of Enable. She's obviously done something to a knee after a routine canter. It looks as if she will be out at least until the autumn. These things happen and it just goes to push home the point that you have to enjoy all the good times as things can quickly turn.


Four Fifty Three

Billeston Brook's victory in the 1000 guineas shows that you don't have to spend multi millions to achieve a dream. We have young mares at home with foals at foot and getting in foal again, that anybody can be involved with. You can have double the excitement and satisfaction after breeding your own winner. Angie and I would be delighted to show you mares for sale or shares in them which won't cost the earth, but the experience is spellbinding. Please phone the office to arrange a visit if you are interested.