Onwards and upwards ...

A warm week is forecast

Monday, 21 May 2018

"My socks may not match but my feet are always warm."

Maureen McCullough.



Garrison Law leaving the yard and cantering

It’s a dry, sunny morning and apart from the odd shower, it is going to stay like it all week. The horses look great in the sunshine and we are just having a normal Monday morning exercise. A good canter followed by a long walk home. All the staff that are in are working really well. It doesn’t look like I will have many runners this week but we will suddenly be having a burst soon.


Melo Pearl

There are big articles today in the Racing Post at the start of horse welfare week. The sport is having a real push to let the public know how well they look after their own horses after they have finished racing and there is so much charitable work that goes on to find these horses a good home. You will know from our own website on our ‘Where are they now’ section that so many of our old horses have found good homes for life. There is still a lot of work to be done though and this week should put this section of our industry in the headlines.


Saint Anthony having a pick of grass after a washdown

I see that Ffos Las has been bought by Arc. They have been running it for a few years now but have purchased it off the owner. Fixtures were the main reason given for the sale in that the original owners were finding it hard to expand the fixture list. It is a long way to Ffos Las and I would think it would be more used a as festival place in the future. It is one of those places that you would never go to if you didn’t have to. It is in the middle of nowhere and would be ideal for what the racecourses want to do, fill them full of music fans who want to drink and camp all day. Good luck to them I say.

        garrison_polo        m_p_polos

The Franklins with Garrison Law and Melo Pearl and plenty of polos