Onwards and upwards ...

It's a very misty start to the day

Monday, 28 May 2018

"Ice cream - the great melter of all resolve."

Dr. Idel Dreimer.


Bank Holiday at Dullingham

It’s a misty, very overcast start and it looks like it will be at least midday before the sun breaks through. Although it is a Bank Holiday it is a normal day for the staff and the horses are getting out and having a good canter. I have only heard one cough this morning so far and I think that was just clearing itself after a Sunday in. We should be having one or two runners this week all being well.


Cantering on Hamilton Hill

It was great to see two different people win the Classics in Ireland over the weekend. It has been very hard for anybody to break the grip that the big battalions have on the top races, but with Richard Hannon winning our 1000 Guineas and Ken Condon and Jessie Harrington winning the Irish ones, albeit with horses owned by very rich people, it gives everybody a chance of hitting the big time. It is a great achievement to hit the Classic club and one you never forget. You are always there in history but it is very hard to break into.


Cantering on the Rubbing House polytrack

There is a very powerful column today by Lee Mottershead on the huge sums made by drug dealers in the racing industry. He has got an insider in the drugs trade to spill the beans on what has been going on and I just hope our people in power take notice. It is beyond my comprehension how anybody can take anything, but it is seemingly now so common in all walks of life. There was a pop concert cancelled this weekend when two people died from taking funny drugs and we certainly don’t want to go down that line in our industry. More high profile policing and sniffer dogs were in action at Goodwood this week and I am sure they will be a common sight at most racecourses in the future. It is a sad state of affairs but a sign of the times we are in.