Onwards and upwards ...

We have one runner today at Beverley

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

"Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels."

Faith Whittlesey.

Cantering on the Rubbing House Polytrack

Velvet Vision

It’s another overcast start to the day and we have had a bit of rain, but not the big downpour that everybody else seems to have had. It looks pretty set with plenty of cloud cover and I don’t think it will warm up much as the day goes on. I have been using the Rubbing House canter for most of the morning and a good seven furlong strong canter has been the exercise. All has gone well and the lads have been doing a good job.

Four Fifty Three

Velvet Voice was very disappointing yesterday once again but I am not too sure what the jockey was doing. She can be a bit strong and I will put it down to that. She will now be seeing eight flights of hurdles as quickly as possible. I am sure the jump jockeys will find her easier to hold than the flat ones.

We have one runner today in the 5 o’clock at Beverley. Astrobreeze makes her handicap debut in the mile and a half race. I don’t think the handicapper has been too kind on her after three runs, but this will be more her trip and we will learn a lot about her after this race. I am hopeful of a good run and let’s hope she handles the Beverley course.

It's a dull morning but Astrofire is going well

The big build up to the Derby and Oaks this weekend continues with plenty of talk about the major contenders. The ground is starting to go on the soft side. Both races are fantastic to be involved with but you do need a horse with enough ability to compete and they are as rare as hen’s teeth to find. Everybody concerned will have their nerves on edge all week hoping nothing untoward happens to themselves or their horses. More than likely there will be night-watchmen keeping an eye as well. If you have never been on Derby Day it is worth going and you need to make every effort to get there.