Break Cover and Quanah run tonight ...

Garrison Law makes his debut

Wednesday, 08 August 2018

"A promise is a cloud; fulfillment is rain."

Arabian Proverb.

Cantering on Hamilton Hill

It's slightly cooler this morning thank goodness, but we had none of the forecast showers and we are becoming very worried as the fields at the stud need water desperately, as does every farmer and grower in the country. We have had a good morning cantering on the polytracks once again and everything has gone without a hitch.



We have one runner tonight at Yarmouth in the 5.50 where Garrison Law makes his debut. He is a big, strong and very attractive colt that we have liked from day one. He is up against much more experienced horses but I am sure he will run with credit and improve considerably for the race.


Roof Garden and Astrosparkle

There's a double page spread today in the Racing Post on how the racing industry helps its members. It is very well worth reading and you can see where the money goes from all the fund raising that everybody does throughout the year. There is so much support for any problem that may crop up, and I think we are far and away the best sporting industry at looking after everyone in this regard. Each individual yard cares for its own and here we make every effort to help our staff who need assistance with many matters. We have the wider umbella of Racing Welfare, the Racing Chaplaincy which covers the country and The Injured Jockeys' Fund to provide aid to those who need it.

Ness of Brodgar back at the yard