Break Cover and Quanah run tonight ...

A close shave at Yarmouth

Thursday, 09 August 2018

"Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently."

Henry Ford.


It's an overcast morning with rain forecast but as yet we have only had a very little. Let's hope we can have a good dollop later on as it is needed very much. We have been cantering on the Hamilton Hill and the Southfields Round this morning and all has gone well.

Velvet Vision

It was far too firm last night at Yarmouth for Garrison Law and everything happened much too quickly. He jumped the road and changed his legs which meant the more experienced horses quickened away. The jockey didn't give him a hard time and the whole day's experience will have done him the power of good.

     51_Vista     53_Farne
(L-R) Velvet Vista and Farne Odyssey

It was a close shave last night at Yarmouth when a fire on the beach started to come very close to the racecourse. It reached the golf course which is enclosed within the course, and it looked at one stage as if racing would be in trouble. The wind was blowing in a good direction and the four or five fire engines which were called quickly managed to get it under control.

The only other time I can remember a fire at Yarmouth was years ago when a hut on the golf course burnt down. There was a funny story attached to this as I trained at the time for the Senior Steward, Peter Riseborough, who was the most lovely man, and we had his horse running on that day. The animal in question was not very quick and I had found it a perfect race. In fact it was the only time it was favourite. Because of the proximity to the racecourse, the fire engines tore up the course both ploughing up the track and leaving unraceable patches from water damage. The distraught Senior Steward had to call off the meeting where his pride and joy had it's only chance of ever winning a race. We had lots of fun over the next few years with me winding him up about it.