May the best man win ...

We have four runners today

Friday, 17 August 2018

"No man is a failure who is enjoying life."

William Feather.

Cantering second lot

It’s started off really cool this morning but has gradually got warmer and as I said yesterday, it is going to be sunshine and showers for the rest of the weekend. We are just a bit light on the ground rider wise with a couple having a day or two off, but we have got on really well once again and have been using the Rubbing House and Southfields Round polytrack.

Both horses ran slightly disappointing yesterday with Astrobreeze running the better of the two. She pulled quite hard and the race was not really run to suit, but I think if we can get the right conditions, and maybe make a bit more use of her, she will settle better. There is certainly some ability there. Astrofire never got involved in any way and in hindsight I should have told the jockey to fire her out, but the instructions were to hold her up and make steady progress. She will be jumping next.

Walking off the polytrack

We have four runners today starting with two at Newmarket. Quanah is in the first at 5.25. He ran well on his debut on this track and should be more streetwise this time. I am hoping he can get competitive tonight. In the 7.30 we run Roof Garden. He was much too keen last time and I am sure we will see a different horse tonight.

Our other two runners are at Chelmsford in the last two races. Astroblaze is in the 8.30 where we have upped her in trip and she ought to be competitive in this type of race. Indian Red then runs in the last at 9 o’clock. He has not run for 116 days and will be better for this outing.

Rum Ration

It is very disappointing to see Towcester Racecourse, with both the horseracing and greyhound tracks, in administration. Nobody really knows the ins and outs of it and I am sure there will be a few interested parties going through the books. It would be sad to lose Towcester but I think there are several more tracks that could be in a similar situation and it may be the whole industry is starting to correct itself. I think much more centralised racing would be a very good thing in the long run.

The horsewalk at Chelmsford Racecourse

I don’t think anybody other than the very few insiders know all details of this new suggested Formula One style series. They propose to have 12 teams, introduce new big sponsorships and have it completely hands and heels only with no whip. As you know I am against using the whip more than two or three times for encouragement, but the debate will be ignited again if this series comes to fruition. It is definitely something to be debated within the industry over a period of time rather than pushed forward into the public eye as a done deal. I am not sure about this series in any way and like town centre racing it could just be a marketing man’s ploy to make money.