Ness Of Brodgar runs at 8.50 ...

The temperature is expected to be around the 25 degree mark today

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

"The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can't be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it."

Elbert Hubbard.

Cantering on Hamilton Hill

It’s a very similar day to yesterday, warm and muggy with the temperature set to rise to around the 25 degree mark. We are a bit short on riders this morning as a couple are on holiday and one has disappeared, but the horses are getting a very good exercise and I couldn’t be happier with them. Two canters on Hamilton Hill has been the order of the morning and they have winged up the polytrack with plenty of zest.

Velvet Vision

I see Alastair Down in his article today is agreeing with me (see yesterday’s piece) that we need some encouragement for the majority of trainers who do it for the love, rather than the money. We are fast becoming an elitist group, whether it is owners or trainers under both codes, flat and jumping, with just the occasional big winner from the lower divisions. We urgently need much better race planning which unfortunately is not done from a centralised base as the racecourses have much more control over these matters. This often means two or three races have the same qualifications, on the same day and in close proximity to one another. These are the anomalies that we want to sort out and are very easily rectified if there was centralised race planning. We also need much more interesting entry conditions, not just the boring penalty structure we have now. It still only plays to the big yards, but in my opinion it is what the BHA want. They want 20 yards with 300 horses each.

Back into the yard and its all smiles

There are two things that caught my eye in the Racing Post this morning, in fact three. Firstly, I see a bookmaker is the first to guarantee the chance to win up to £500 on a win bet put on in one of their betting shops. I don’t know why this has taken so long to come in. Bookmakers have been computer led for ages now and it is about time there was some proper bookmaking coming back into the industry. Second thing is the BHA plea to Europe on the horse movement once we leave the EU. It is the French and the Irish particularly who will suffer if the restrictions are severe. There has been nothing wrong with how we have been working for the last so many years, and I can’t see any reason to change that. Horse welfare is of the highest standard between these three countries and it certainly won’t drop in any way when we leave the EU. The third thing was the first European yearling sale of the year in Deauville finished with the average down, but not by a lot. There were, outwardly, a lot of buy backs and I think the sales will be tough going, especially in the middle and lower ends this year. At last it could be a place you could get some value, rather than be paying far over the odds for a horse that has been overvalued by it vendor.