Break Cover and Quanah run tonight ...

It's the first day of the York Ebor meeting

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

"The home gardener is part scientist, part artist, part philosopher, part ploughman."

John. R. Whiting.

Second lot pulling out


It’s a warm muggy start to the day and I think it won’t be until tomorrow that it gets much fresher. I am also hopeful of a bit of rain as the gallops and the courses are starting to firm up again. We have had a good morning cantering with the horses on Hamilton Hill with them all very fresh and well, maybe a little too fresh and I will have to be doing a bit more with them. It looks like we will have a few runners on Friday.

Rum Ration

The big York Ebor meeting starts today and Richard and I will be trying to point you in the right direction. The ground will be fast and the draw will be of importance. If you have never been to York in my opinion it is the best course in the country. You are looked after brilliantly, the viewing is marvellous and racing is top class. Our selections for today are below.


1.55   Eastern Impact     2.25   Broome     3.00  Kew Gardens    3.35  Saxon Warrior    4.15  Stormin Tom    4.50  Evie Speed


1.55  Tanasoq    2.25  Watan    3.00  Wells Farhh Go    3.35  Roaring Lion    4.15  Natural Scenery    4.50  Dark Shadow

Exercise over now off for a shower

We are starting weaning on the stud today. It is amazing how quickly it all comes round and we will be using both boxes to move single mares out of their groups. We do this gradually so that the foals have got friends and still have a matriarch or two to give them confidence. A lot of people wean in different ways but we find doing it steadily and quietly always works best.