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Epsom had their Open Day

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

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Gerard de Nerval.


It’s an overcast, cool start to the day but no wind and I think it will be very similar to yesterday in that the temperature will rise as the day goes on. We have had a good morning with the horses doing two good canters, the second one quicker than the first and all has gone well. We will not be having many runners this week as it is tricky to find the right races and the racecourses do their own thing completely regarding race planning. They just don’t seem to understand what everybody wants, but it has always been this way and I don’t know how it will ever change for the better.

Velvet Vision

Pageant Master

It was Epsom’s Open Day yesterday and I hope they got a good crowd to support them. The Jockey Club are trying very hard to get the gallops in order and to promote Epsom as a centre. It is very close to London and should be a magnet for new owners, but the problem is housing and accommodation for staff. This seems to be the main stumbling block at every centre, including Newmarket. We have a lot of single young people and that is the type of accommodation we need. I don’t know why they can’t build student units like they do at the university towns, but I suppose that is too simple for the planners and the powers that be. The other thing to comment on about the Epsom Open Day is poor old Jim Boyle who had the drug testers arrive on his doorstep yesterday morning. I didn’t know they worked on Bank Holidays. What an unbelievably extraordinary decision by the BHA to do it on a day which is the busiest morning of the year. I am sure they wouldn’t turn up at Charlie Appleby’s on the Newmarket Open Day. I just hope the BHA has the Open Days in their diaries. We all want the sport to be fair and clean, but the testing programme has to be fair to everybody.


The other amazing thing I have read about is the ongoing €72 million revamp at the Curragh which they are in the middle of. The paddock couldn’t cope with a 30 runner handicap, which they have on a regular basis there. The person that signed off the plans must be holding his head in shame at present. As Ted Walsh quite rightly says there is nobody with any common sense and nobody that understands horse safety being asked their opinion. You just couldn’t make this up. It is like a Brian Rix farce, for those of you that can remember Brian Rix.