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The summer is not over

Friday, 31 August 2018

"Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely."

Auguste Rodin.


Pageant Master

There's not a cloud in the sky this morning and it sounds as if we are going to have an Indian Summer. Everything is ticking over well in the yard with horses cantering on a variety of all-weathers and a couple working on the Peat Moss. All has gone well.


Indian Red

The entries for the Melbourne Cup were published yesterday and there are 53 overseas horses out of a total of 183 entries. It won’t be long before the Aussies are putting bigger obstacles in place to stop the invaders. It will be interesting to see how they do it, but with the Ebor and the Cesarewitch both going to £1million handicaps it may change a few people’s minds. Times change I know and ‘nothing stays the same forever’ is a great saying, but it looks to me like these big handicaps are now becoming  group races in all but name and the smaller owners have no chance, even if they can get a run.


Walking in

The first Doncaster yearling sales has just finished and as normal a few top owner’s took away the blue bloods, but the middle to bottom market look non-existent to me. It must be a worry for everybody involved if this is the case. The BHA have very little understanding of the real world and although there has always been a big turnover of owners and trainers, and jockeys for that matter, I think you will find it happening even more in the coming years if nothing is done to sort it out. We have just got massively too big and something, without doubt, has to change. My suggestion would be 300 less fixtures, much more diverse race planning and the bookmakers being made to be bookmakers, rather than computer wizards. None of these things will happen though as there is no appetite for any of these suggestions in high places as the people at the top of our industry are doing well and they don’t worry about the others.


Farne Odyssey

Our next lot of weanlings will be starting this coming week with four more mares being removed. We will then only have the youngest ones to do towards the mid to end of September. It is amazing how they quickly settle down into their groups and we will be putting them into their colts and filly fields as we go along. They are like people in that they have got to get along with one another and a bully or a loner has to be noticed and corrected.


Tim between lots