Onwards and upwards ...

We have two runners today

Tuesday, 09 October 2018

"Many are stubborn in pursuit of the path they have chosen, few in pursuit of the goal."

Friedrich Wihelm Nietzche.

Garrison Law

It’s a very warm morning and my comment on Indian Summers yesterday has certainly been proven right today. Absolutely no wind, blue sky and high temperatures have made it feel more like July rather than October. I am sure the vendors at October 1, which starts today, will be delighted with this weather as horses always look better in the sunshine and the sales are much easier for everybody to work when it is not raining and cold. With two lots of runners today, both leaving relatively early, we have been a bit short on the ground with riders, but they are getting them out well and all having a good canter.


We have two runners today our first is at Leicester in the 2.15, the mile and a half handicap. I hope the ground is on the good side as that is what this filly certainly wants, if not softer. She was a bit unlucky last time when getting blocked on her run and she must have a good each way chance here today. Our other runner is Pageant Master in the 6.45 at Newcastle. It is a long way to go but there are not many races at this time of year and it forces everybody to run. Fourteen runners tonight in the seven furlong nursery, all for the pittance of £3,000 to the winner and expenses will take nearly all of that at the end of the month. Hopefully this step up in trip will suit this colt and unless there is a real unknown in here, he is another that should give us a shout.

Walking back to the yard

I see everybody is up in arms with Longchamp’s new stands which have certainly not been a hit with the public. It sounds like there were queues for everywhere, food, drink, toilets and the betting booths. These are the four things that most people what when they go racing and once again I am sure they have let the architects go wild without any input from the professionals. There was a big drop in crowd numbers this year which I am sure is because of the huge increase in the entry price. But, nobody wants to be queuing for up to 40 minutes to get a hot dog and if the French authorities don’t sort it out, everybody will be watching the racing on their TV screens. It is like everything, you must look after the hand that feeds you or it will not be there in the future.