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The wind is certainly very strong today

Friday, 12 October 2018

"Life is more fun if you play games."

Roald Dahl.

     04_Sunrise     06_Sunrise
Sunrise over Newmarket

It’s a bright and windy morning and we seem to have missed all the heavy rain which has gone northwards. We did have a quick shower at first lot which created a rainbow and there was a very attractive sunrise. We are desperate for some rain now and I am sure the ground at Newmarket will be on the fast side for the next couple of days. Two lots worked on the Peat Moss turf which is still in great condition and thank goodness we have got it. All went well and a few of the backward horses are now starting to shape up. Hopefully we can have some runners next week.

Is there a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

It is the Future Champions this weekend here in Newmarket with plenty of top youngster on show, the highlight being the Dewhurst on Saturday. We also have the £ ½ million Cesarewitch with 34 runners going over the two mile two furlong course. They start in Cambridgeshire and finish in Suffolk. I am sure it will be quite enlightening with the two-year-old races, both today and tomorrow. A lot of bubbles burst but a few dreams made.

The suns now up and Astrofire is leading Ness Of Brodgar

There is plenty of chat in all the newspapers about the bookmarkers advertising on TV. It is not only on the racing channels that you get inundated, it is all the normal ones as well. There are more and more offers and encouragement to bet and all before the watershed at 9 o’clock. Football, cricket golf and even tennis have betting adverts constantly. We also have bingo and lottery pushed down our throats, which is gambling as well. It must all work though as these are the only adverts that we seem to get, although there has been a lot of ‘plan for your own funeral’ ones as well, which I see is now beginning to come under some review for being unregulated. These adverts all keep the TV channels going and without them there would be less of them being able to continue, but wouldn’t it be nice without any gambling adverts. I am not sure it will happen though as the industry pays a lot of tax to the government.

     08_Ex_Diva     09_Rainford
(L-R) Sir Percy ex Astrodiva and Rainford

I see Silvestre De Sousa has got a ban of 18 days under the totting up procedure. He is champion jockey elect this year and the one thing you know about Sylvestre is that every time he rides, and it doesn’t matter what type of horse he rides, whether in the lowest of the low or a Group 1, he will give you 100%. From an owner and trainer point of view that is all you can expect. The other good thing on why he gets so many good rides is that he is lucky that he is a low weight. I can never understand why he doesn’t get rides in all the top races though as he is certainly good enough as he has proved over the years.