Onwards and upwards ...

This drizzle wasn't forecast

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

"Panic at the thought of doing a thing is a challenge to do it."

Henry S. Haskins.

The leaves are beginning to change of Hamilton Hill

It’s a very overcast morning and has just started to drizzle. It looks set to stay like it for most of the morning. I think we are then due for a dry spell until next week. All is good in the yard and with plenty of people in the horses are doing good strong canters on the polytracks. Two more colt yearlings arrived in the yard this week and Tim is getting on well with the breaking process. The first four will all have been ridden by today and we will be having them out on the heath in the not too distant future. Once we have got these first lot of colts going there are several fillies that will then be coming our way - I would think after the Horse In Training sales which would suit everybody.


Book 2 at Newmarket has held up pretty well but only due to the big players. The Maktoum family have bought a lot of horses between their many outlets and what with the Hong Kong Jockey Club and a couple of rich Australians, this has kept it ticking over. Today is the last day of Book 2 and then Book 3 and 4 will no doubt tell a different story, although I am sure there will be a gem or two to come out of there. Often it is the rougher pedigrees but with good physical attributes that can make the best horses. That’s the great thing about our sport, you just never know.

Garrison Law

I always smile to myself when jockeys move around from one establishment to another and it doesn’t matter what size you are it is always disappointing when they do that, especially when you have given them a leg up in their careers. But, with the advent of agents it has been happening more and more in the sporting world. I thought it was quite ironic though that the punter darling of Hong Kong, Joao Moreira, announced he was leaving to go to Japan, but is now trying to do an about turn after failing his written test on Japanese racing. I am sure the punters would like to see him back in Hong Kong but not the other jockeys. It would be interesting to see what actually happens, but sometimes you can’t have your cake and eat the lot.