Onwards and upwards ...

A great win from Garrel Glen

Thursday, 25 October 2018

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm."

Winston Churchill.


It’s a bright cold morning and seems to be getting colder as the light comes up with a slight ground frost. Everybody is in great spirits after yesterday’s win at Newmarket and the horses have all been cantering on the polytracks close to home. They are just starting to get their winter coats so the clippers will be on the go every day from now on then plenty of big rugs.

Cantering on the heath

We were delighted with Garrel Glen at Newmarket yesterday who certainly gained a lot from her debut run at Yarmouth. The time was faster than the winner of first division whose connections were talking about the Oaks next year. She is a big framed filly who will mature over the winter and is an exciting prospect. Her dam won three times and was very unlucky not to have won three or four more. She produced Bracken Brae one of the yards favourites and people still ask me about her wherever I go. We will give Garrel Glen the next couple of month off from hard work and just let her mature. I am especially delighted for David Noblett, her owner, who has been such a stalwart supporter through thick and thin. We now have something to dream about.

Our Chelmsford runners were both disappointing. Astrofire will have a run over hurdles next week to see if that will help and Velvet Voice will possibly have another run over two miles. Chelmsford is a very good track for prize money and layout, but if you are not in the right place from the stalls it is very hard to get involved. This comment is also relevant to most all-weather tracks.

Garrel Glen winning at Newmarket yesterday (photo courtesy of Newmarket Racecourse)

It doesn’t surprise me that two workers from Newcastle racecourse have been suspended after an investigation was launched by the BHA when a horse failed a dope test. It had tested positive for a beta blocker and had run well below par. I have always said it and I am going to say it again that when we allow people to lay horses to lose, it was the start of the slippery slope and if there is money to be made, the criminal fraternity will find any way possible. We will follow the case with interest.

I see Cheltenham has successfully won its case in the courts to ban ticket touts from Jockey Club land. I am sure this will help but to my mind the touts will stand on the public road selling their wares, but at least you won’t get pestered as you walk into the track.