Onwards and upwards ...

It's mild but with grey skies

Tuesday, 06 November 2018

"Alas, by the time Fate caught up with my life, Chance had it all planned."

Robert Brault.

Cantering at sunrise

It’s relatively mild today but the sky is grey and looks like we may be in for a bit of rain later although it’s not forecast. We have been doing two canters up the hill for first lot followed by the round canter for the rest. Tim is still working hard in the lunge pit with the new yearling fillies’ and with a new rider starting this morning all is going to plan.

Roof Garden

What a result in Australia with a one, two, three for the Brits and Newmarket once again coming out on top. If you had been Hughie Morrison you would have thought you would have been home and dry but with only 8st on its back, Cross Counter flew home under Kerrin McEnvoy to give Godolphin and England its first Melbourne Cup. What a fantastic achievement. I am sure this will motivate so many more trainers and owners to plan for this race in future, and it does take a lot of planning.

Belle Bayeux

It would appear that I am not alone in thinking that gambling advertisements are getting out of hand, even the betting company’s themselves think things have gone too far. Sky will be cutting down their adverts as from next year from four to one per commercial break. A number of betting companies are also talking about changes that they are looking to make. Supporting a pre-watershed ban being one of those things. I think this is definitely a sensible step forward as there will be plenty of under 18’s sitting down with their parents watching racing, football, rugby etc. and being bombarded with adverts. Nowadays you can bet on anything, not only to win, but that’s another story, as well as bingo and lottery. I understand that the general public are their ‘customers’ but it would be good for the gambling companies to take responsibility rather than wait for government action.