Onwards and upwards ...

The wind has picked up this morning

Thursday, 08 November 2018

"Anybody who wants to rule the world should try to rule a garden first."

Gardening Saying.

The sunrises over the town at this time of year are stunning

The sun is shining quite bright this morning but it is colder than it looks. I think that is down to the fact that there is a strong wind both in the yard and out on the heath. There is no rain forecast for today, which is a plus, but I think we may get a few showers tomorrow at some point. The older horses have been using the Round Canter again followed by Hamilton Hill. The yearling colts have been on the new yearling ground and are coming on great. We hope that by Saturday all the yearling fillies will have been ridden away.

Pageant Master

At Chelmsford last night Belle Bayeux ran with credit. She was up against a field of expensive bred horses but didn’t disgrace herself in any way. She has ability and will certainly win races. Definitely a horse to be excited about. Roof Garden was a bit disappointing. Ridden differently from his previous two wins he was then denied a clear run when going for a gap and was never in a position to win the race. However I do think this run will put him match fit for his next outing.

Walking back to the yard

The whip rule debate is continuing apace with South Africa trialling whip-free races. After the controversy in the Breeders’ Cup with the over use of the whip things need to change and I think this is the way we are heading. Here in Britain and Ireland, apprentices, amateurs and conditional jockeys do have a series of races where whips can be carried but not used, but I think the top jockeys would struggle with this. They are so used to being able to use their sticks that it would be hard to get out of the habit, but with more and more public pressure we, as an industry, have to be seen to be doing something. I await with interest the outcome of these trials.