Onwards and upwards ...

It is certainly a lot colder this morning

Monday, 19 November 2018

"I never think of the future – it comes soon enough."

Albert Einstein.

Velvet Vista

It’s much colder this morning although it is bright and clear. The forecast is for it to stay like this all week and we could get some heavy showers as the wind picks up. With the wind direction from the north east winter is starting to get its grip. We have a full complement of riders in and have been doing a Monday morning canter on Southfields Round, plus the yearling colts have had a good exercise on the yearling ground around Hamilton Hill.


The big Cheltenham three day November meeting went off with plenty of spectators on Friday and Saturday, but it looked thinner on the ground on Sunday and I think three days at this meeting is a bit much. There were plenty of fallers but luckily no real damage to horses or jockeys. They also took every precaution with the low sun on all three days. It makes these races a bit of a farce though as it is nearly a flat race rather than a hurdle. It was pleasing to see a few different owners and trainers win some of the money and let’s hope that situation continues during the year.

Rosie Scot walking back to the yard

There is a very good piece by Lee Mottershead in the Racing Post today on how the sport could encourage new owners. In Australia every owners name is able to go on the race card and this seems to be a massive success. Also all the owners are allowed in the paddock and winners enclosure. I am sure the BHA are looking at ways to help and encourage owners in England, but the registration process and costs are horrendous and very off-putting, especially when the owners have to do it themselves. It is all about data protection, or that is what we are told, and I can’t see anything changing soon, mores the pity.