Onwards and upwards ...

It's a very pleasant day

Friday, 30 November 2018

"Your schooling may be over, but remember that your education still continues."


Yearlings Break Cover leading Sir Percy ex Astrodiva

After the last couple of days of bad weather we have a glorious morning. Blue skies, very little wind and a pleasure to be out on the heath. Everybody is in and we have been using Southfield Round as our main cantering ground. The Jockey Club are getting on well with the Rubbing House refurbishment and hopefully that will be open before Christmas. I will be taking a walk up their either today or tomorrow and will post a few pictures as to how they are getting on.

Half Past Eight

Our runner last night didn’t run too badly. She got slightly hampered on the bend when turning in and I am sure there is a small race somewhere for her if everything falls right. We may school her and jump her as well. Chelmsford is an amazing place as it has an atmosphere all of its own. The bars and restaurants are always full and they are building up a good client base. It is great for Newmarket trainers as it is very easy to get to and to get home, even if you are in a late race. There was a bit of traffic on the M11 last night though, but isn’t this the case on every motorway in the country nowadays.

Warm up over now to the gallops

I see Tom Kerr in the Racing Post today agrees with me that city racing is a huge challenge and doesn’t think we will be seeing it anytime soon. He also hopes the new BHA purge on integrity is not just for show but that they actually mean it. It is all well and good taking samples off horses, which needs to be done, but they must also concentrate on all the other things that go on. The BHA, as he says, adopts a bunker mentality when faced with criticism and really need to listen to the professionals, which at present they are not doing.

Cantering on Hamilton Hill

The Racecourse Association have just conducted a survey of members of the National Trainers Federation on how to improve the experience of owners and trainers. The findings state that 70% of trainers decide to run their horse where it has a better chance rather than think about the prize money. I don’t know how many trainers took part in this survey but the problem is all about race planning which is very much set to help the big trainers rather than encourage new owners and trainers. The expense of sending a horse to the races when it has no chance of winning any money back is very disappointing to an owner and until they sort this matter out we will never get a big influx of new participants, but once again the BHA, and the racecourses, will put their head in the sand as the major players always seem to call the tune.