Onwards and upwards ...

We will be going back to Fakenham

Tuesday, 05 March 2019

"Our whole life is solving puzzles."

Erno Rubik.

Garrel Glen leading Ness of Brodgar

It’s a bright morning but cooler once again and everything to keep you warm has been needed when out on the heath. The wind has certainly got up and is making it feel much colder. We are in for plenty of rain, starting tonight, and going on for the next couple of days. It will be very welcome although not very nice to work in. Everybody is in and the horses have been getting a good exercise once again on a variety of the poltyracks on Racecourse Side. All has gone well and as yet no problems!

Velvet Vista leading Isaac Murphy

I have been training for 40 years now and have only had two tack malfunctions on the track. Both have been of a similar kind in that the rein has snapped underneath the rubberised covering where it is impossible to see. We keep our racing tack well maintained at all times and what happened yesterday at Fakenham was just a one off. Hopefully it will be another 40 years before it happens again. The filly jumped well, was a bit keen but had to be pulled up as there was no steering. We live to fight another day and will be back at Fakenham in a fortnight’s time, unless the ground is very heavy.

Having a pick of grass after exercise

I hope the Racecourse Association, and especially Arc, are getting their act together regarding the media rights and what prize money should be for the future. It will take some radical thinking and won’t be done overnight but our whole structure needs to be rejigged. The fixture list and race planning needs sorting, the media rights wants to be distributed fairly, and to the people who supply the goods, and the bookmakers want to come clean on what their plans are for the future. The future to them is surely on the digital front as everybody seems to bet now on phones and computers. A simple tax on every bet would be the easiest thing, but I suppose that is too simplistic as they like to keep things complicated and try and shroud us in fog.