Onwards and upwards ...

It''s been a good morning

Monday, 18 March 2019

"What is told in the ear of a man is often heard a hundred miles away."

Chinese Proverb.

Cantering on Racecourse Side

It’s a bright morning but the temperature is a bit on the low side and I think that is the way it is going to be for the whole week. There is very little rain forecast and high pressure is set to hang around for a few days. We have one non-runner in the yard and one non-runner on the riding front, which is a bit disappointing, but this is quite normal for a Monday morning. Everybody else has been pulling together and the horses have been going in every direction to a variety of different canters. First lot went over to Warren Hill and second and third lots have been up the Farm Canter and down New Ground. All has gone well so far.

Roof Garden leading Microclimate

At least Velvet Voice got round on Friday where she jumped well enough and certainly settled, which was the plan. She will need to do that a couple more times just to get her confidence and learn to breathe in a good rhythm. She was a long way back but I wouldn’t take that as a measure of her ability as she will improve with racing and fitness. She is only now starting to get her act together but I think in time she is a filly that will jump a fence as well.

Garrel Glen with Velvet Vista

I am pleased that the amateur rider that got banned at Cheltenham is going to appeal his suspension and has got the backing of all the big names in our sport. The BHA has got to get themselves in a different mind-set, or a completely new set of employees who know how racing works in England. There may be one or two well-meaning executives, but they really don’t understand how the industry works from the bottom up and when you employ Australians and not British people, it makes it even worse. It’s not that they are not good at what they do, it is just that they don’t appreciate how it works in this country compared to their homeland. As for the welfare of horses they are the best looked after animals in the world and I cannot see a welfare issue in the slightest. If we have to pamper to politicians, who could never run a business of their own or understand how hard it is to survive in the world, it is a poor deal. When Nick Rust on Luck on Sunday was trying to tell us that some office blocks in London didn’t have milk in their fridges, because they felt sorry for the cow, we are starting to be in Fairyland. It is no good letting the sports minister, or any politician for that matter, go to Cheltenham where 70,000 people turn up and the atmosphere is electric, as they will think that this is the norm. They should be going to Kempton and Wolverhampton on a Monday night, or Southwell when it is raining, then they would start to understand how racing really works.

Walking round the yard  ready for third lot

This year’s Cheltenham Festival was a great success with some wonderful stories coming out of it. Our tipping competition also went well and with a £10 stake on every race we didn’t do too badly. The final standings for the week are as follows: MHT minus £45 and Richard minus £24.12. Richard took the lead on the last day, but I will do my best on the next competition to even the score. Well done Richard.