Onwards and upwards ...

We have used a variety of gallops this morning

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

"Education is the best provision for old age."


Velvet Vision

We were greeted by quite a good frost this morning as the light came up and with a slight breeze, it was back to two coats for the early part of the day. It has gradually got better and now it is a glorious. It’s been a really good morning with the horses and everybody is in, even the yard people are back from wherever they had been. Long Hill, The Farm, New Ground and Cambridge Road canters have all been on the compass this morning and I couldn’t be more pleased with how things have progressed. Thank goodness for that.

Roof Garden

We were talking about the article on racecourse attendance yesterday and there is another full page from David Baxter today regarding his Huntingdon visit. He seems to think that mid-week meetings are an area ripe for growth. He may be right but only in the evenings, as everybody else is too busy working trying to survive during the week. There are quite a lot of people who are members of certain clubs and tracks who give free entry and this is the area that the courses should be looking at more. Members of the Racecourse Owners Association get free entry to the majority of courses and clubs like the Racegoers Club and Racing UK are also involved. I am a great one for free entry as I think it would encourage a lot more people, and if they are spending money when they get there, it should balance out in the long run. Places to sit and good food and drink at a reasonable price is a must and as Angie always tells me, good clean loos, and a lot of them.

Astromerry leading Isaac Murphy

There is an interesting study finding that Lambourn contributes £20m to the local economy and produces 30% of all the jobs in the area. It would be just the same if they did a survey in Newmarket. I think this has been carried out to show that housing is urgently needed for staff and that they increasing traffic has to be monitored. Since the Jockey Club bought the main gallop down there, there has been an upswing in horses and I think they want to get planning for more yards and houses. I just hope they are not using the money that is raised in Newmarket as we need it for the same uses.

Walking back home