Onwards and upwards ...

A perfect spring day

Thursday, 28 March 2019

"Exclusiveness in a garden is a mistake as great as it is in society."

Alfred Austin.

Belle Bayeux leading Garrel Glen and Pageant Master

It's a very similar morning to yesterday with no frost and it looks as if it will be a perfect spring day. There are plenty of birds singing and I always love to see the skylarks on the heath at this time of year. They are amazing birds. In the old days, before tractors were invented and the heath was mown with heavy horses, the heathmen would cut round their nests. With today's mechanization obviously that's not possible, so we now leave specific areas of the heath for the birds to nest in. Everybody is in and we are having a good morning exercising on both sides of the heath.

Ness Of Brodgar

Our runner yesterday was in all sorts of trouble early on. So, combined with that and therefore being shuffled into a position to face the terrible kick back you have at Southwell, I don't blame her for backing off and cantering home. We shall give her another try on the turf and see if that will bring about improvement.


There is a very interesting article on the China Horse Club in the Racing Post today. This club has invested heavily over the last few years and has put its funds into a variety of projects, including a racecourse in St Lucia and more surprisingly, and more worryingly, they reportedly have 16% of the 25% that Alizeti own of our Tote. If you read the article through, which I recommend that everybody does, you will get the distinct impression that there is no love lost between the Hong Kong Jockey Club and this new investing group. There seems to be very little known about who their investors are and it will be intriguing to watch how it all progresses.

A carpet of violets at the stud