Onwards and upwards ...

Levy Board injection of funds

Friday, 29 March 2019

"Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you."

Maori Proverb.


It's a very bright morning but after the recent beautiful spring days we have had we are in for a change this weekend, and don't forget the clocks go forward. I mentioned the birds on the heath yesterday and there was an unbelievable dawn chorus at the stud as I left just before five. It's worth everybody getting up to listen to that at this time of year. We have a full complement of, staff including a jockey, and with quite a few runners tomorrow and next week we've been busy putting the finishing touches to their preparation. All has gone well.

View across the town from Bury Side

I see the Levy Board has injected £6.5 million extra into the prize money fund. Unfortunately this is just to prop up the prize money and to keep them at their current levels. It's the racecourses that are at fault especially the Arc Group. None of them will let anybody know the figure they receive from their media right deals. There is no openness or transparency if there was it would be of great benefit to everybody. The racecourses have been making hay for quite a while now keeping the prize money levels as low as possible and making profit for themselves. There is nothing wrong with making a profit as long as it's not at the detriment of the people who support them by supplying the horses. After this one off cash injection things need to change. This large sum should have been to increase prize money not just sustain it. I repeat once again the whole funding mechanism needs to be sorted out urgently.

Velvet Voice walking back after exercise

We have one runner tomorrow and it's a first for me as I cannot remember ever having a runner in the Brocklesby before. We run Prosecuter with Paul Mulrennan riding. She is a sharp filly who has done everything right so far and we will start to get a line on our other two year olds after tomorrow. 

Equiano ex Missouri filly walking home with a pat down the neck

We are very lucky to have the Queen as passionate and involved as she is in our sport. She was in Somerset yesterday to open a school and took time out to visit the Paul Nicholls yard in the same county. It is marvellous to have her so enthusiastic with plenty of horses in training and let's hope this enthusiasm rubs off on the next generation.

In full bloom