Onwards and upwards ...

At last the rain is falling

Wednesday, 08 May 2019

"Friends are family you choose for yourself."


Pageant Master out at first lot

Hallelujah it’s raining at last. At present we are getting consistently strong rain and it looks set for quite a while. It will certainly do the ground the power of good if it continues like this for most of the day. I have a feeling we might have a few similar days which, although is not very nice to ride out in, is very badly needed. I have been keeping the horses as close to home as I can using Southfields Round and Hamilton Hill as the two main canters. So far so good.

Cantering on Southfields Round

We wish Pat Smullen, the Irish champion jockey and Derby winning rider, as good a retirement as he can get. He has been inspirational to so many people in his recovery from pancreatic cancer. His decision to retire has been on doctor’s orders who advised him about weight loss and what it can do to his immune system. There are not many jockeys that everybody looks up to but he is certainly one of them. A great example of what a top jockey should be.

Third lot on Hamilton Hill

There was an interesting little quip at the end of Julian Muscat’s piece in the Post today about the differences in British and USA racing. Not only are the interference rules completely different - I am sure the winner would not have lost the Kentucky Derby if it had been run under our rules, the only thing that would have happened is that the jockey would have had a few days holiday - but the main difference he was pointing out was the dominate stallions for the wealthiest owners in Britain and Ireland and how their progeny win all the top races. However, in America the horses that are winning the top prizes can come from anywhere with little known sires and be as cheap as chips. If only that would happen here it would give everybody hope, but I am afraid the way our game is going, both in the sales ring and the track, we are getting to become a closed shop other than to a small minority. Unless the powers that be can do something about it, we will continue on the slippery slope.

Frank trying very hard to stay dry