Onwards and upwards ...

It's the final day of Chester

Friday, 10 May 2019

"Genius is a plodding intellect, incapable of dreaming up the obstacles that stop the rest of us."

Robert Brault.

Belle Bayeux and Roof Garden working

We have had a few showers but it is quite warm and the sun is starting to come through. I think it is due to rain sometime again today and be similar over the weekend with a dryish week forecast. It has been a busy morning. I worked a few horses on the Peat Moss turf which was riding like a carpet. It always amazes me when trainers use some of the other firmer turf gallops. It was rattling on the summer gallop, but they were not making a sound on the Peat Moss. Most of the others have been on the Rubbing House Polytrack and a few kept close to home on Hamilton Hill.

Babochoff and Velvet Voice

     05_Babo     07_Voice
(L-R) Babochoff and Velvet Vision

I see the Curragh is coming in for a lot of criticism since it was rebuilt and opened once again. After the first meeting since the facilities have been completed there seems to be quite a lot of disappointment as to the size of the owners and trainers and what was on offer. Also the annual members seem to think they are getting a raw deal. I don’t know what they are all expecting but don’t they know that all racecourses want is corporate and people who don’t put anything into the game to have a good time. The owners and trainers who supply the product, and annual members who support them through thick and thin, are just an aside to the suits that run our business nowadays. It seems to happen at most racecourses and the professionals are second class citizens. There is absolutely no common sense and no leadership from the top. I hope it can get sorted, but don’t hold your breath.

Walking back after exercise

Ascot has also bowed to money with Betfred taking over their betting shops on course because, I am sure, they have indicated more sponsorship than the current incumbent. It is all about money. It certainly won’t go back into prize money but will go to make the racecourses richer.

Both this article and the one above sounds like I am having a go about everything but, when you have a big redevelopment, you would at least think the people who supply the product would be looked after and that prize money should be the number one subject on all racecourses lists.

(l-R) Equiano ex Lost The Moon and Garswood ex Trew Class foals

It’s the final day of Chester today with the Chester Cup which is always a fantastic race. Over two miles two furlongs on soft ground it will be won by a horse that likes the going and stays. It is also sad to see this race restricted to 17 runners which makes it much harder for anybody but a few people to have the chance to win. There is a good little race for the Huxley Stakes at 2.25 and let’s hope the course gets some sunshine today instead of the rain they have had all week.