Onwards and upwards ...

What a glorious morning

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

"It is as grandmothers that our mothers come into the fullness of their grace."

Christopher Morley.

Isaac Murphy pulled out at second lot

It's a glorious morning once again without a cloud in the sky and no wind. We have been over Bury Side with first lot and used Long Hill. The majority of the rest have stayed closer to home on Hamilton Hill or on the Round. All has gone well and the horses are looking pictures.

and on the canter

There is a big double page report today in the Racing  Post on the mental health of all those who work in our industry. A survey has been carried out by Liverpool University in association with Racing Welfare. It has spanned the whole industry and its findings were announced yesterday at Windsor racecourse. The results make interesting reading and let's hope the leaders of our industry take note although there has been a bit of a silence from several corners.
Basically and to simplify matters, it is what I and everybody else with any common sense have known for a long time. I have been going on about the overload in my daily blog on a regular basis - there is far too much racing and it never stops. I am all for new initiatives but horses and people need a break as this report shows. We need a break in the summer for the jumpers and a break in the winter for the flat horses. Whether our leaders will have the power to implement this is debatable as the bookmakers and racecourses are the ones who dictate the sport. The report should be compulsorary reading for everybody and then action should be taken. To my mind it is just clarifying what we all know. Let's hope we can get somewhere.

Ness Of Brodgar

There is another very good piece today in the Racing Post on horses being rescued in Ireland. These rescue charities do a tremendous job. As you can see on our "Where are they now" page on this site, we always try to find good new homes for the horses that are not going to the sales. Many live out their retirement in these homes and their owners often keep in contact and send photos to let us know their progress which we love to hear about.