Onwards and upwards ...

We have one runner tonight at Chelmsford

Thursday, 06 June 2019

"Put your future in good hands – your own."


Cantering on Southfields Round

There were plenty of high full clouds this morning and the temperature has risen considerably once again. There could be a few possible showers today but the forecasters are telling us there will be proper rain tomorrow. I hope they are right. We are having a good day with the horses, plenty of good cantering work, one put through the stalls that will be making its debut on Saturday - which went perfectly well - and everything ticking over in the yard. We could still do with one or two full-time riders but they will turn up as the year goes on. It is the same for everybody and it doesn’t matter which country you are in, the staff situation is the same wherever you are. It is just unfortunate that animals require 24 hours a day, seven day a week care and the workforce of today want to work as little as possible. The happy medium doesn’t seem to come into play, which it should do.

Garrel Glen

We have one runner tonight at Chelmsford where Ness Of Brodgar runs in the last at 8.40. I thought I read somewhere that the BHA said no race could be run later than 8.30 but, once again, this seems to have been forgotten. It is a good job it is only Chelmsford which is just an hour away from Newmarket. The other day when we were in the 7.45 at Wolverhampton the lads got back to the A14 to find it closed and were way into the new day before they got home. I hope Ness can run a sound race tonight. We have upped her in trip again and I hope she can run a sound race.  She has always shown ability, she now just needs to start showing it on the track.

Isaac Murphy

We were talking about race planning yesterday and on Saturday there are four afternoon fixtures and two in the evening. This means every sensible jockey will be dashing from one track to another and only riding half the card before having to get off to ride at another meeting. Owners can get disappointed when their preferred jockey has to miss riding for them because of retained stables requiring them somewhere else. It drives everybody to distraction. This never happened 20 years ago as we only had a maximum of two or three meetings a day and it was much easier to sort out. We were talking last night with some likeminded people and the conclusion was why do we need jump racing in the summer at all? In my opinion jumping should finish after Sandown and not start again until September. There are plenty of flat races for people to bet on and punters would even have time to think and read the form. However, if you are having a race every two minutes, plus all the brain dead cartoon racing the bookies put on, it puts so many people off.

The stalls on Racecourse Side

It was very sad to read of the death of one of racings best loved photographers, Trevor Jones, who lived just outside Newmarket. He was a most marvellous man, a brilliant photographer and a great friend to many. He was a big parrot man with many parrots in his home. It was always one of the conversations we had as we have a parrot at our home and we were always discussing their virtues. He took so many photographs, especially on the studs and anybody with a stallion book or brochure would have been looking at Trevor’s photos for years. Our condolences go to all his family. He will be very sadly missed.