Onwards and upwards ...

Two runners today

Friday, 14 June 2019

"One of the worst mistakes you can make as a gardener is to think you’re in charge."

Janet Gillespie.


It's still raining this morning but we have had a few bright interludes as well. A showery weekend is forecast but I think it will be a bit dryer next week which should suit all the racegoers at Ascot. The horses are cantering close to home this morning mainly using the Hamilton Hill. Apart from one non runner, everything has ticked over well.

Roof Garden

A disappointing day yesterday with all three horses under performing. There are good reasons for each one. Over 40 years of training you have days like that and, although they call it character building, it is much better when they run well.

We have two runners today - both in the same race at York. Archie Bear and Microclimate make their debuts in the big charity York seller. I've won this race twice in the past but not with debutantes. Both horses today will benefit greatly from the experience.

     03_Washing     05_Wash_down
Washing down after exercise

I don't know what is going on at the BHA but they seem to be treating every Irish trainer who runs a horse in England as suspicious. Charles Byrnes gave a blast yesterday at the treatment he had received, and I can understand where he is coming from. I think we all need to know what the BHA is trying to find out.What is the point of asking a trainer what his instructions to the jockey are before the race, and why do the BHA want to know? I have no idea what the whole point of this is, but I'm sure we shall find out in due course.


Emptying the muck pits

At last week's Point to Point Association AGM, it was announced that £300,000 (up from £250,00 last year) has been given to the association. It was described as a "piddling" sum by a very well known and respected owner, and quite right he was. The point to point circuit is reducing in size every year in England, and we need to keep it fully funded as it is a vital feeding ground for our National Hunt racing. Not only does it produce horses, it gives a chance to young trainers and jockeys, plus owners can be introduced to the excitement of our sport at slightly less cost.There is a big call on all available money nowdays but I would hope this section would get its due reward.

     32_Astrosecret     38_Astrodiva
Astrosecret and Astrodiva enjoying the grass at the stud