Onwards and upwards ...

Today is Ladies Day at Royal Ascot

Thursday, 20 June 2019

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it."

William Arthur Ward.

Break Cover and Astroman

It’s a blue sky morning with the temperature just perfect for working outside. There is no wind and the ground will soon dry up, especially here with the chalk based soil. The heath foreman tells me we only had 1 ½ mm of rain yesterday, in dribs and drabs and, with only the occasional shower forecast, we should have a fine end to the week. The morning has gone well with the horses and with everybody in, including the jockey, we have been doing good spins on the Farm Canter and Hamilton Hill.

Walking back after work

At Lingfield tonight there is a very poignant race being run. The 7.30 is to remember Brenda Agar’s 60 years of Lingfield. For those of you that knew Brenda and know Bryan will wish this day to go off really well and I am sure she will be looking down on everything and keeping us all in order. It is disappointing to see at this meeting a 9 o’clock race as I thought everybody agreed that 8.30 was going to be the latest so staff could get home in good time. As usual Arc seems to have changed the rules, although somebody did tell me the other day that the 8.30 rule was only in the winter. What difference does that make?

Astrogem and Isaac Murphy upsides

I am really getting behind now at Royal Ascot with my tipping as Richard pulled off a magnificent 20/1 winner yesterday. This pushed him well into the lead and I couldn’t even pick one. There are still three days to go though and hope springs eternal, but well done to Richard and let’s hope we can find a few today. It could be the day for favourites. Also I don’t think the ITV 7 was won yesterday so it is worth having a free go in the hope of winning £150,000. Today’s efforts are below


2.30  Mount Fuji    3.05  Cape Of Good Hope    3.40  Fleeting    4.20  Flag Of Honour    5.00  Davydenko     5.35  Almania


2.30  Sunday Sovereign    3.05  Sangarius    3.40  Star Catcher    4.20  Dee Ex Bee    5.00 King Ademar    5.35  Sir Ron Priestley

Standings so far: MHT minus £46.25 and Richard plus £240.00