Onwards and upwards ...

Another very windy night and morning

Saturday, 05 February 2011

"An army of sheep led by a lion would defeat an army of lions led by a sheep."
 - Arab Proverb



First lot returning home along Rayes Lane

Another very windy night and morning and it is still blowing a gale now. We have had one or two slates off the indoor ride and there are plenty of small branches on the stud, that have come down overnight. Still no foals and they are now at bursting point, so watch this space for news. Everything has been out and cantered so far; it is not that cold this morning, even with the wind and the grass looks like it is starting to sprout. We have snowdrops out in the yard and at the stud we have carpets of them in the woods and the aconytes are just starting to stick their heads up.


MHT out on Warren Hill with Duncan and Paul Sinclair 

One runner today at Sandown and two tomorrow at Fontwell, unless we get a deluge of rain, which would make me wary of running the ones on Sunday. Miss Wendy runs in the first at Sandown but her first run, where she was third, was in a lower grade race at Towcester and there are one or two in here with much higher flat ratings. Saying that she jumped well last time and stayed the trip well, so I would expect her to finish at least mid-division today. Tomorrow, Astrovenus runs in the first at Fontwell, the 1.20 pm race and she is the most marvellous jumper, who is in good form but would not want the ground too sticky, so if this wind dries it up, she would certainly have a chance of making the frame. The same comments apply to Finger Spin who runs in the 2.20 pm race. She looks a picture at present and, although this looks quite a competitive contest, she certainly won't be disgraced.


Second lot emerging from the copse on Long Hill

I am glad to see the Jockey Club MD holding the Government to account over the sale of the Tote (page 12 of the Racing Post). The amount that will come back to racing both from the sale and all future revenue must be sorted out before any sale goes ahead. Everybody would prefer that the racing-run charitable foundation is the winner and gets the Tote to run for the benefit of the industry. I am sure the fight will go on and on.   


Akula (Butch)

Arena Leisure, who run many racecourses, are starting to bleat about the tariffs and are warning that the good races, the Group and Listed races, will go if they have to keep to the tariffs. If this is what they want, then so be it, let them run poor grade racing without any high profile races, which attract the publicity and the players. I think most of the racecourses are beginning to get the message that the horsemen mean business. 


My Guardian Angel (Zeeshan)

I have just heard the news this morning that Gary Megson has become The Owls' new manager. We have no hope whatsoever now and will be in Division 2 before you can say Martin O' Neill. He has no record as a manager and all I can say is our new owner cannot read my website on a regular basis! It is such a disaster, in fact, as much a bad decision as Roy Hodgson was at Liverpool. We are at home to Milton Keynes today, who are above us in the league and it will be an interesting afternoon. Phil is hoping that The Magpies don't complete the double over Arsenal today and is clinging to the belief that they have no strike force; I, jokingly, told him that Arsenal have no defence either.


Old Boy Ted Pulls out with Steve on board and Khaled leading