Onwards and upwards ...

Quite a heavy frost overnight....

Tuesday, 08 February 2011

"Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted." 
 - Albert Einstein



First lot makes its way along Bury Hill

Quite a heavy frost overnight but clear blue, bright sky, as the light came up and it is now the most glorious day with no wind at all; it must be the lull before the storm. Jockey Club Estates are renewing one of the Warren Hill all-weathers this week and, at the same time, the council have decided to resurface  the crossing point on the Moulton Road, adjacent to Heath House. The Moulton Road will be shut for a couple of days, which causes quite a bit of inconvenience and, consequently, everybody has been going different places to exercise. We used the Town canter and Bury Hills polytrack for our lots and all went according to plan.   


Second lot trots in the indoor ride

I am pleased that everybody is really signing up for the tariff campaign, which is not a boycott or a strike, it is just a statement that the industry cannot survive or even stand still if the present level of prize money doesn't increase. It is all down to the racecourses, if they want to discuss things on an individual basis, the Horsemen's Group are very willing to talk to them.


The two year year olds cantering around Bury Hill


Walking between Bury Hill and Long Hill with Newmarket in the background

It is amazing what faith and kindness can do to horses, as the filly below, Bird of Faith, has had quite a few problems in her short life. However, with the patience and good stable management of many people, along with the faith of the owners, she has now started cantering and on the road to the racetrack. It would be due reward to all involved if she turned out a cracker.


Old Boy Ted (Steve) and Bird of Faith (Nikki)


The tractor heads back after working on the Warren Hill polytrack