Onwards and upwards ...

A very murky morning...

Thursday, 17 February 2011

"That's what I consider true generosity. You give your all, and yet you always feel as if it costs you nothing."

 - Simone de Beauvoir



MHT surveys first lot as they emerge out of the fog on Warren Hill

A very murky morning out on the Heath with the fog hanging around until well past second lot. Nearly a full compliment of staff this morning with only one or two away on sick leave, so I have been able to get on with the horses. We have been doing a couple of good canters up Warren Hill and then third lot I have sent horses in various directions to all do different things.  


Walking home

One runner today, Astrodiva at Southwell in the 2.50 pm race. It is a very poor race and, although she ran poorly on this surface last time, she must have a good chance today. Neil Callan, who is just back from a stint in Hong Kong, takes the ride, where he rode a few winners and the experience of their racing scene will have done him no harm at all. He is a top class jockey, who has made great strides in recent years and I am sure will be champion one day.


Joe the Coat, ridden by Dan and led by Darren pulls out second lot

The Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, announced his decision on the Levy yesterday. This was the usual fudge with some sensible decisions made but many more, especially on offshore gambling and betting exchanges, not touched upon. We always seem to get this far every year and the situation needs to stop. We must sort out everything once and for all, so we can get on with promoting the industry. The bookmakers must be laughing, especially the bigger ones, whose profits continue to rise. Their shares jumped yesterday on the announcement of the Levy, which says it all.


Second lot pulls out


Eanans Bay, ridden by David and, again, led by Darren

Every year we entertain one or two French apprentices, who come over to the British Racing School to gain experience. This morning we have had Raphael Mayeur riding out for us, who is attached to Mlle. Cordelia van Zuylen. He turned up looking very smart and tidy and rode very well. He is hoping to get some rides this coming season but he is only sixteen and quite tall, so I hope his weight stays static or else he will be having to try over jumps. It is always a delight to see these young people with such a good attitude and outlook. I wonder if there was a reciprocal occasion that ours would be the same. We thank him for this morning and wish him well in his future career.


Cotton Grass (Rhea) and  Old Boy Ted (Raphael)

A fantastic football match last night at the Emirates and, as you can imagine, Phil and Ian are in top form this morning. Even I have to admit it was a great victory and wish them well in the return leg. You will have seen that I didn't mention The Owls' visit to Tranmere this week!


Cotton Grass, Old Boy Ted, Astromoon and Piccarello