Onwards and upwards ...

The warmest morning of the year

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The string heads over to Racecourse side

''Each has his past shut in him like the leaves of a book, known to him by heart and his friends can only read the title.''

- Virginia Woolf

The gallopers receive their orders

The warmest morning of the year so far and the weather forecast is for it to get even hotter towards the weekend. We took first lot over to Racecourse side and worked on the watered gallop for the first time this year; it was in absolutely perfect condition, plenty of grass on it and the going was very much on the good side. Why racecourses cannot produce similar ground, I will never know! There will be more comments tomorrow about watering and turf management on racecourses. We also took six two year olds second lot on the same strip and started to bunch them up and give them a really good education.

Astroleo, Dazinski and Dulcie

Blinka Me ran really well last night at Leicester but , as I said yesterday, there was one lurking at the bottom of the handicap. If anything he did not go fast enough and stretch them out to make it a real test, so it developed into a bit of a sprint from the bend but he stayed on well and was unlucky to get mugged on the line for second. He will stay even further in time , is very genuine and has come home, licked his feed manger clean, which is just how you like a racehorse to be.

Watch Chain runs today in the 3.00pm; he has run two sound races this year and this looks another in which he can get competitive.

Kinsya, Smokey Oakey and Marvo

An amazing statistic has come to our attention this morning that, either now or in the very near future, there will be 98 jockeys out of action and not available to ride; 69 of these are either suspended or facing suspension and the rest are either injured or out of action for other medical reasons. The point here is that either the rules are completely wrong or the jockeys take no notice of them or that the stewards are too zealous in their interpretations. It is hard enough to keep up with the everyday form of horses with all the racing we have, let alone having to, constantly, use a different jockey when they are banned. I cannot think of another sport where this happens and wonder if it is the same worldwide and whether there are similar number of jockeys banned in France, Australia, America, etc.

Brushing and Edward Whymper

Ice Magic, Prince Freddie and Star Commander