Onwards and upwards ...

Another very cool morning

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


The string makes its way up Warren Hill with Dulcie bringing up the rear.

''He that gives good advice builds with one hand; he that gives good counsel and example builds with both.''

- Francis Bacon


The horses emerge from the copse on Long Hill

Another very cool morning and we have had two lots out in the chilly breeze but, at the time of writing, the sunshine seems to be peeping through the atmosphere and still, there is no rain. We took a bunch of eight mid-season two year olds over to the watered gallop second lot and got them bunched up in one big group. It is always nice to do this and the education will bring them on tons.


Butch Smith-Eccles contemplates life, as Ted Spread munches contentedly

You can see from the above picture how relaxed our Derby horse is, all he ever wants to do is to pick grass and take it easy- don't we all. I will be doing my final piece of work with him on Friday and then all he will need is a good blowout on the Thursday or Friday before Saturday's Derby.


MHT giving everyone their orders


As you can see from these two pictures, the watered gallop is in great shape and with Kinsya leading the group at a good even pace, my instructions were carried out nearly to the letter and everything went well; I did not want to find out who is the quickest and, how they were told to start and in what order, was how it went.

Kinsya with the big white face, Barwick with the star, Izzett on the near-side and the chesnut in the middle is Dictate, others that are hidden away include Astroverdi, Old Boy Ted , Colzium, Ice Magic and Prince Freddie; a really nice bunch of horses to look forward to.


A bit disappointing to see on the front of the Racing Post this morning that there is going to be another £13 million cut in the Levy. Every week it seems we are going more and more on the downward spiral; for years the industry has been hood-winked by the groups that take the most money out of racing and put very little back. All they do is come up with schemes to avoid paying anything and it is the professionals who produce the goods, i.e. the owners, trainers, jockeys and lads, who will have to take big cuts in prize money levels. We need urgent action from the people, who we are paying well to look after our interests. I know, in this time of recession, it may sound like bleating but I can assure you it is not, compared with other countries we are a poor relation indeed. One example and, I want everyone to think about this carefully; on Monday, they ran an apprentice claimer at St. Cloud in France worth £7,964 to the winner. At Ayr today, the winners of three of the handicaps will not get that between them and, at Carlisle on Monday, it took the winners prize money in five of the races added together to just surpass that figure. What a telling statement that is and we ought to be ashamed at how our leaders have allowed us to get into this dire situation.