Onwards and upwards ...

A lovely, warm, sunny morning

Saturday, 22 May 2010

The string heads up Warren Hill, perfectly spaced apart

''One can pay back the loan of gold but one lies forever in debt to those who are kind.''

Old Boy Ted and Munro's Dragon

A lovely, warm, sunny morning and plenty of visitors. I did a bit more with some of the backward two year olds and they are all starting to progress really well; this is the time of year when we are starting to ask questions of everything and you can see the difference with each piece of work. What we teach the two year olds now will sink into their brains and will direct their careers, so it is imperative that it is done correctly and they enjoy the experience.

Princess Izzy and Lady Chloe

Astroleo ran really well to be second yesterday, he is so game and genuine and I thought Ashley gave him a good ride; he is sure to gain compensation in a similar sort of race soon. Today, we have one runner at Lingfield, Spirit Land, who runs in the 6.55 pm tonight; he will stay the trip and is another very genuine horse, so let us hope that he can run reasonably well tonight.

Astromoon and Astrovenus

Another great example of race planning today with both Haydock and Chester, who are within half an hour of one another, having racing on together this afternoon. What with York and Goodwood on as well, the top jockeys are very thin on the ground at each track. There never seems to be a pattern of meetings or of the right races but, I am told, that each track is its own boss and can put on meetings nearly as the wish. In my opinion, we must get this situation sorted out and if 'Racing for change' wanted one thing to do to help the industry, this is it.

Owners watching their horses on a beautiful morning

Number One Guy and Ted Spread relaxing in the sunshine

MHT extolling the benefits of picking grass to Theola and Locum