Onwards and upwards ...

A boiling hot morning

Monday, 24 May 2010

Number One Guy cantering up Long Hill

''Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success.''

- Dale Carnegie


A boiling hot morning with the weather carrying on from the weekend, although I did tap the barometer first thing and it went from 'set fair' up to 'fair', which is something and the Countryfile forecast was for it to get cooler as the week went on - let us hope so, as we are desperate for rain.


The first two lots of horses cantered up Warren and Long Hill polytracks, which have been standing up brilliantly to all the work they have been getting. How we used to do it years ago, I don't know, because all we had were a couple of sand canters and that was it - how times change and this time for the better.

Kinsya looking startled at having his photo taken

Very few runners in the early part of the week, if any but a mass of entries on Friday and a few over the weekend, this is mainly due to the ground but also race planning, which I have been having a bit of a campaign about with the National Trainers' Federation, as the racecourses put on more and more low grade races to suit their profits, rather than their customers.

MHT getting feedback

What a fantastic weekend for the underdogs but we all love people who try and the determination shown by the Blackpool team against Cardiff was tremendous and they richly deserved their elevation to the premiership, just imagine Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea visiting Bloomfield Road next season to play 'The Seasiders' - what an experience and just think of all the extra income for the club and the town.

The other fantastic result was Simon Khan, winning the PGA champonship at Wentworth, he was 200-1 at the start of the week but four great rounds and holding his nerve on the last day gave him this great victory, which will change his life for the next few years. No qualifying for your tour card, guaranteed entry for all the top events; it just goes to show what can be done with perserverance and dedication.

I thought you might like to see a picture of the first tower crane, I have ever seen in Newmarket, in over thirty five years of me being here. It is working on the site of the new Premier Inn, which is being built opposite Waitrose in the centre of Newmarket. You can see the Waitrose store, which is the white one on the right of the picture; it is going to be another storey higher than Waitrose and is going to be a blot on Newmarket's landscape, as it will be the highest building in town. The buildings in the background are flats built on Icewell Hill. The original architect's drawing and artist's impression that we all saw, showed it being the same height as Waitrose but, in reality, it will be much bigger and they are planning to use the Rookery car park as their own. At the same time, we are having built a Majestic Wine warehouse on the Clocktower roundabout, which has been reduced in height and been designed with input from the Newmarket community; they also have their own parking and this will greatly improve that area - I only wish Premier Inn would do the same. Nobody is against change and moving forward, as Newmarket must do, but we do not want to become a dormitory to Cambridge and be a gridlocked 'can't park anywhere', 'avoid at all costs' town in the future.