Astrobreeze runs at Wolverhampton followed by Astrofire at Yarmouth ...

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We have two runners today

Thursday, 16 August 2018

"If you’ve never experienced the joy of accomplishing more than you can imagine, plant a garden."

Robert Brault.

Overcast at first lot

It’s a wet morning and the forecast is for it to continue until at least lunchtime. This rain should do some good though as it will actually get into the ground, unlike the last lot which just ran off the top. We have had a good morning once again but very busy as we have got two runners today and four tomorrow. Everybody is working well and things have gone smoothly.

Melo Pearl

Our two runners today are at Wolverhampton this afternoon and Yarmouth early evening. At Wolverhampton Astrobreeze runs in the one mile six furlong handicap at 3.20. She ran well last time at Yarmouth and I have upped her in trip this time out. I am sure she has the chance of making the frame once again today. Astrofire hasn’t run for quite a while but she runs in the one mile three and a half furlong handicap at Yarmouth at 5.55. She should be suited by the big step up in trip and has learned to settle as she has got older. I am hoping for a better run from her and this will get her spot on for the future.

The clouds look full of rain

I see Mark Johnston is saying that cobalt doesn’t improve a horse’s ability to run, or their performance. I am sure he is right in this as he is a qualified vet and a very successful trainer, so he should certainly know. Why the BHA are paranoid about this I don’t know. As I stated yesterday our sport is very clean and we must do everything we can to not go the same way as athletics where there is a constant stream of dope offences in the press. We are nothing like the athletics and must get this across.


It was very nice to have a visit

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

"But friendship is the breathing rose, with sweets in every fold."

Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Pageant Master and Isaac Murphy

It started very overcast and quite cool, but has quickly got warmer and blue sky is appearing. It’s a quietish morning with the horses cantering wise and we have had a visit from my brother, my nephew and great niece and nephew to see the horse they have a part share in. A full complement of staff in and everything has gone well.

My brother David and his family

Watching the horses cantering

The race wasn’t run particularly to suit Ginger Lady last night. It was a real stop go gallop, and she could never get into a steady rhythm. I will be trying her on the turf next time which I think should suit her. She has plenty of ability and should be winning races before too long.

Garrel Glen

There are headlines on the front of the Post today which we don’t want to see with a trainer fined a considerable amount and her father banned for several years. This was all from a sample that was taken in 2016 in what was a retrospective test of a sample. This case will certainly put in every trainers mind the importance of keeping their medical records up to date and to ensure that they are aware of withdrawal times of anything that is given to their horses. Our vets are brilliant today and veterinary science is changing all the time. In my opinion British racing is the cleanest racing in the world and this was just a very unfortunate case. The strict liability rules, which the BHA is insisting every trainer is under, are all well and good, but there is no yard in the country that somebody couldn’t enter and give a horse something without the trainer’s knowledge.


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