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Bracken Brae makes it six wins

Thursday, 06 April 2017

"We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance."

Japanese Proverb.

Red sky in the morning

It’s another perfect spring morning, although still on the cool side early on. It is getting warmer as the day is progressing. We have had plenty of horses out and the yard is ticking over well, all in good spirits after yesterday’s winner. We will be quiet runner wise for the next week, but I am delighted with how the horses are looking and they are all coming along the right lines. We have got to do a bit of stalls work with a lot of the younger ones and hopefully we will be doing that next week.

Walking to the start of the canter at first lot

Indian Red went into the stalls well yesterday. You can never quite tell what he is going to do, but he has been very good at home. Barry, my Assistant, has done a brilliant job on him, given him the confidence and along with Yarmi’s expert help, we have now got him handicapped and he can progress as the year goes on. He will be better on turf, is a great big horse, who is still a bit on the weak side, and we have to think that it will be another year before he is up to full strength.

Bracken Brae won her sixth race and it was a lot easier than it looked as she idles when she hits the front and only does just enough to win. She would have pulled out plenty more if properly challenged. A great big strong, scopy mare, and although we have won six, we have only just scratched the surface with her. If she has no problems, we will keep her going on the turf and then we have got hurdles and chasers down the line. Although she is quite ground dependant, it is the faster the better.


I see William Buick was commending the BHA after they cleared him of a ride at Chelmsford last month. I think he was very lucky in this respect and in my opinion it is disappointing that the BHA have set this precedent. I am sure this film will be shown and shown with other future misdemeanours occur, but good luck to the connections and the jockey can now ride at the Craven meeting.

Sandwood Bay

Aintree starts today and Richard and I will be going into battle again with our tipping competition. It is always completely different to Cheltenham, track, ground, time of year and let’s hope we can point you in the direction of a few. It will be one in every race at the meeting, plus three each in the big race itself and they will be to a £5 each way. Our selections are below


1.45  Top Notch    2.20  Defi Du Seuil    2.50  Cue Card    3.25  Buveur D’Air    4.05  Top Cat Henry    4.40  Gino Trail    5.15  Mountain Path


1.45  Cloudy Dream    2.20  Divin Bere    2.50  Silviniaco Conti    3.25  Identity Thief    4.05  Darwins Fox    4.40  Dandridge    5.15  Marias Benefit

Rebecca’s Tip of the Day

4.40  Doitforthevillage £5 each way


We have two runners today at Wolverhampton

Wednesday, 05 April 2017

"Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it."


Lost The Moon

It’s a bright morning with the temperature still slightly on the cool side, but it is a perfect morning for working. There have been horses going everywhere from first light, horses cantering, horses lunging, on the walker and going racing. Things have been hectic but everything is working smoothly. I think this weather is expected to stay for a few days, but then turn again next week.

Rum Ration and Budgie

We have two runners today, both at Wolverhampton. Our first runner is Indian Red in the mile and a half maiden at 2.40. The John Gosden horse is the long odds on favourite and although we have been last on our only two runs, I am hopeful we won’t be today. He has been pretty tricky in the stalls but plenty of work at home has put this right and he will go in last today. Although I don’t think he will beat the favourite, he could be one for the forecast. Our other runner is the course winner Bracken Brae at 3.45. She is in very good form at home and I am very hopeful of a big run from her. I am sure she won’t let us down.

Walkling back into the yard 

It is typical of our industry to see that there was a BHA apprentice course, which is compulsory for 7lb claimers, held yesterday at the British Racing School. Some of the apprentices had to miss rides because of it and with no flat racing anywhere on Monday, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that would have been the best day to have held it. As usual a spokesman said they would take on board any comments and review the course dates, but how many times have we heard that expression in everyday life. We will learn from it! What are we paying these people for? As I keep saying, there are very few people, and I mean very few people, who are running this industry in all sorts of ways who have any idea of how it works at all. It just never ceases to amaze me. 


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